Life has begun at Adanus Park

Overlooking the sea and the islands, one of the most beautiful views of Istanbul, its central location with a wide variety of transportation opportunities, REAL, one of the largest shopping malls in the region, located right next to it, its location at 300 m walking distance from the metro station and it proximity to the Anatolian Side Courthouse, the world’s largest palace of justice, are among the factors that increase the value of the project Adanuspark.

It’s a boutique project consisting of 180 residences in total of 4 blocks, 1 of which is in the plaza concept, built on 10.000 m2.

Block (A-B-C-D)

A and C Blocks are twin blocks, consisting of Z+19 floors

B Block, Plaza (Workplace) has the area of 3.100 m2

D Block consists of Z+9 floors.