İstanbul Ballıca Villas

You are tired of the crowd, traffic, noise and chaos of the city. You are torn between ``leaving or staying``. Now close your eyes. A pleasant journey begins for you.

You open all the windows of your car on the winding road between pine and oak trees. Your atmosphere changes as you inhale the scent of the fragrant pine and oak trees. End of the road; Ballıca welcomes you with its mountains, hills, valleys and all its natural and architectural beauty. This is Ballıca, the most natural neighborhood of Istanbul! It is not a dream, it offers you a real natural life and is only 30 minutes away from Ataşehir.

In nature, on the edge of the city

This is the most natural neighborhood in Istanbul with the highest air quality, Ballıca!

With its magnificent location in nature, Ballıca Manzara Villas offer you a serene and peaceful life without breaking away from city life. It is 30 minutes from Ataşehir, 20 minutes from Pendik Marina, 15 minutes from Sabiha Gökçen Airport and 10 minutes from Viaport Asya AVM, and is located next to many reputable private schools, hospitals and universities.

This is the neighborhood with the highest air quality in Istanbul,

Ballıca View Villas offer you a life that is as comfortable as it is natural. It promises you a luxurious life in nature with its functional interior design that exceeds your expectations, underfloor heating system, quality material selection and meticulous workmanship.

Nature turns the windows of your home into idyllic paintings

Ballıca View Villas; It comes to life in a location overlooking the lush pine forests spreading across the valley and wide hills. Your panoramic view, where the blue of the sky meets the green, is so beautiful that it will turn your home window into an idyllic painting by famous painters.

The landscape area of Ballıca Manzara Villas is nature itself.

Ballıca View Villas are realized in a magnificent nature. Landscape design in harmony with the nature of the region in the area where the project is implemented will add value to the value of your home while giving you the joy of life. Moreover, the most special landscape area in Ballıca Manzara Villas is nature itself.

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